Envío asegurado gratuito en toda Europa

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Envío asegurado gratuito en Europa

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Scrap Platinum

Sell your Scrap Platinum Today

We also buy scrap platinum. Call us on 0121 634 8060 and turn your scrap platinum into cash today.

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Check how much your scrap platinum is worth?

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Call Today for Your Scrap Platinum Quote

Selling scrap platinum is quick and easy at BullionByPost. Simply contact our friendly team on 0121 634 8060 and book your price over the telephone. Post your metal to us the same day, and we will pay you via Bank Transfter or Cheque the very day we receive it. If you would like any further information call us on 0121 634 8060 or email us: sales@bullionbypost.ie and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

BJA MembersCome Visit Us in Birmingham

If you’re looking for the personal touch you can come and see us at our shop in Birmingham and sell your scrap platinum in person. You’ll find us conveniently located in the middle of the famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, Europe’s largest Jewellery Quarter. Click here to find us.

Please note scrap platinum must be tested for its purity which may involve cutting into it as well as the removal of stones. If the item does not match the description we will recalculate the quote or return the metal back to you, however the piece will be returned damaged following the testing process.