VAT-Free Silver

We are now offering investors the opportunity to buy and store VAT free 1 oz. silver Britannia coins, 1 kilogram silver bars or 1oz platinum bars. As long as your bars and coins remain securely vaulted you will not be charged VAT. There is no minimum or maximum, so you can buy as much VAT Free bullion as you would like. You have the freedom to add to your holding at any time and only ever be charged one storage fee based on the total value of your holding. You will only be charged VAT if you later request delivery of your investment. Click here to find out more about VAT-Free Storage.

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VAT-Free silver Britannia’s are classified as legal tender and are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). If you are looking to make a sizable investment, VAT free silver Britannia's offer you the unique combination of being both VAT and CGT free.

Our silver kilo bars are ideal for investors looking to purchase as much silver with their money as possible, who are less concerned with future Capital Gains Tax. Your 1-kilo silver bars will supplied by LBMA approved refiner and of the highest purity.